Is there any issue on which Obama and the American people are in agreement?

He insists the stimulus was effective.  The American people disagree, yet Obama continues to push even more of the exact same kind of spending.

He insists that ObamaCare will be good for the country.  A significant majority supports repeal.

He proposes regulating carbon emissions any which way he can.  It is even more unpopular than his plan to nationalize the health care industry.

He refuses to secure the border and sues the state of Arizona, opposing well over 60% of the American public.

He promised to end too big to fail, and now we have an expensive, complicated financial reform bill seen as ineffective by most Americans.

He pushed a moratorium on drilling in the gulf, undermining the rule of law by ignoring a judicial decision against him and ignoring a sizable majority of the American people.

And now, he lends his considerable support to building a massive mosque right next to the former site of the World Trade Center, which remains a hold in the ground.  This despite the fact that the federal government is not involved in the decision.  In other words, he chose, unnecessarily and being unforced, to speak out against the will of the American people on a decision that isn’t even his to make.

I smell a rat.  Is it possible that he is trying to throw the election?  Or is he really the most radical president we’ve had since before Reagan?  Did even Jimmy Carter or Lyndon B. Johnson find it necessary to speak out against the American people on issues that didn’t even involve the White House?

There is only one way to tell.  The question is will his incredible degree of partisanship last past the election.  If he turns hard to the right, we will know he was trying to throw the election in order to improve his own election prospects in 2012, and protect his signature program:  ObamaCare.  If he doesn’t, we’ll know he is so ideological and extreme that he jumps out on these issues because he simply can’t help himself, whatever it means for the midterm elections, or even for his own re-election campaign.

Everyone in the chattering class knows that ObamaCare is the only issue that much matters.  If it remains largely untouched, the insurance industry will become the bogeymen responsible for rate increases.  The government will thus have no choice but to enter the market to put a stop to “out of control insurance and medical care costs.”  ObamaCare ensures this outcome by leaving that consumers with every incentive to stay off insurance until they get sick, thus expanding the roles of the uninsured and pushing health insurance costs spiraling through the roof.  You will hear Democrats saying things like “we gave private industry a chance to fix things, and they didn’t.”  Most likely before the end of the decade, there will be no private health insurance companies.  Malintentioned regulation of the industry will give way to direct government control.  This will be politically impossible to reverse and the US will be doomed to economic and social decay like the nations of Europe, unable to make the changes necessary to reinvigorate their economies.  Joblessness will become a permanent problem.  But, for supporters of the welfare state, that’s a political feature that justifies big-government, not an economic bug to be fixed.  Big government will be irreversible ease us into complacency and decline.  It is the final victory of the Democrats, the end of the ideological war between freedom and security.  If everything important in your life is determined by a group of 10,000, and you get one vote, are you any less a slave than if one man were your master? (hat tip Robert Nozick)

What clues do we have?  Well, we know Obama isn’t an idiot.  Whatever he’s doing its for one of those two reasons I mentioned earlier.  And we know he was willing to move to the center in 2008 to combat the growing perception that he was a radical and win the election.  We know he will abandon anyone he feels is necessary for his own political skin.  Its my impression that he is trying to throw the election.  Why else put himself out there on issues like the ground zero Mosque controversy where it has no practical effect?  Its not going to be decided tomorrow, he could have waited until after the election.  The conclusion is inescapable.  Look for Obama to suddenly turn conservative on every issue that doesn’t touch his core entitlement agenda.  He may even toss his redistributionist agenda (tax the rich) agenda under the bus.