My last few posts have described American forces working for Republicans independent of what Republican actually do.  They are largely mechanical. It is not enough, however, to cement a Conservative revolution. Republicans are often called the “stupid party,” because it seems they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Here’s why they’re less likely to screw things up this time:

Republicans are scared. They know if they fail to defeat Obama’s radical changes between now and 2014, the Democrats will have enough voters sucking on the government teat that they will almost certainly not have another opportunity to fix things until the country goes bankrupt. Even then, reform attempts will be dicey, as evidenced by abortive attempts at reform in the bankrupt nations of Europe. Republicans know they absolutely have to get this right, and even with good polls or a big majority in Congress they will probably stay hungry and not take success for granted. They shouldn’t take success for granted, because it is by no means inevitable. Conservative leaders in and out of government office know this.

America’s top concerns are largely in-line with the top concerns of the Conservative base of the Republican party. This should keep Republican goals in line with politically popular positions. In a way, this is a natural result of the most important factor working for Conservatives: this is a Conservative country. Next posts will detail how the Conservative agenda matches the American agenda, and how Republicans should govern to win back the trust of the American people and be more than the party that isn’t the Democrats.