While Democrat have become increasingly beholden to the Progressive agenda, they have been remarkably successful and maintaining a moderate image. The election of Obama has destroyed the last vestiges of this image. It is no longer possible for Democrats to get away with pretending to be moderates. Twice in the last twenty years have Democrats pretending to be moderates captured the Congress and the Presidency, with large majorities. Each time Democrats used such opportunities to pursue the unpopular Progressive agenda. Their patient bait-and-switch strategy is now laid bare before the public. Now people will find it difficult to vote for even moderate Democrats. They will be justifiably afraid that any Democrat’s claims to be a moderate or a Conservative are a cynical political ploy to defraud the voters. No one likes feeling like they’ve been duped. People rejected liberal governance in 1980 and 1994, and now they know liberals have been hiding, waiting till history gave them another chance to spring a trap of debt and dependency on the freedom-loving American people. They sought to implement those changes over public opposition in a way they hoped would be politically impossible to reverse. They hoped to create a new entitlement they could use to justify a more powerful centralized government. They hoped that healthcare would be a new stick to beat Republican with as effective as the well-worn “Republicans want to take away your Social Security” canard. The anger of the public over this bait and switch strategy is deep and will be long-lasting. People are outright furious. This strategy pursued by Democratic leaders is anti-democratic and therefore traitorous to the ideals on which our Republic was founded. This could hurt the Democrats as much as the anti-Union policies they advocated during the Civil War. Their strategy could never have succeeded without a complicit media, but people now largely view the media as the leaders of the Democratic party and the Progressive movement. Being one and the same movement, they have lost credibility together. The media is no longer effective in pushing or covering for the Progressive agenda.